• Ashley

Week 2 of 52

Okay, let me just start off by saying, I have lost around 5 pounds in the last two weeks. And kept it off! ☺️ You may not think that's a very big number, but the ability to keep it off without fluctuating is a step in the right direction.

Week 2 was definitely easier than the previous week. I definitely was able to cut back on my Dr. Pepper intake compared to the previous week, I'm back to my normal 1 (maybe 2) a day, and sometimes not even that! My husband is still craving the sweet stuff though... I think it's just part of his DNA. I felt so bad for him when we stopped by Steak N Shake for a quick burger and he had to refuse a milkshake. He was definitely struggling to say no when I tempted him with one.

I still have been using my Super Reds as a supplement if I do happen to feel like I need something to give me a boost! But, I really haven't had that problem. I'm curious to see how I am at the end of this first month. I wonder if I will want anything at all? My initial thought when I started all of this was to treat myself to whatever it was I gave up that month, but now I'm sure I'll even want it. I'm not saying I'll never want something sweet again, but I definitely don't think I'll be craving it like I was!

On to Week 3!

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