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Hey guys, I'm Ashley!

I currently live in Chicago with my husband and our three fur babies, but we hope to move soon! I have done a blog in the past with a friend, but this is will be my first personal blog that I have published - so bear with me, it may be a little bumpy in the beginning. I graduated recently from Loyola University (GO RAMBLERS!) & I used to be a retail store manager. I left my job last year and now I run my home business! I never thought I would work from home, but now that I do, I could never go back.

I used to be a HUGE health nut, but as I climbed up the ladder at my old job, it became harder and harder to maintain my health and stress. Now that I work from home, I have the opportunity to fix this and get healthy again! Lucky for me, I work for a health and beauty company with some of the BEST products! (Enter shameless plug here ➡ visit my shop page to view my faves!)

On this blog, you will find a refreshing take on health & wellness, self care, beauty and travel. I will share with you my favorite products, tip and tricks. I will even throw in with a few of my exciting experiences along the way -- after the COVID-19 stay-at-home order is lifted of course... I am also very excited to share my business journey with you guys!

A little more about me?

- I drink way too much coffee and I love a glass of wine at night.

- My favorite holiday is Halloween.

- I'm a Disney kid.

- I love to read (& write!).

- I took classes at Harvard when I was 15.

- I can never pick just ONE favorite movie / show / musician.

- My biggest weakness is Funfetti Cake or Donuts.

- I love spending time in nature.

Starting in May, I will be updating my blog once a week to follow my 12 Months to More program that I created for myself. I will share more information about this in another post soon! The name may change, but I thought 12 Months of More seemed like a pretty good start.

I am so excited to start this journey with you guys! Drop a comment below or reach out to me on social media with suggestions or things you want to see on the blog.

- Ashley

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